• The HECToR Service is now closed and has been superceded by atom 加速器 apk.


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    HECToR was the UK's high-end computing resource from 2007 to early 2014, funded by the UK Research Councils. It has now been superceded by atom 加速器 apk. HECToR was:

    • A world-class supercomputer located and run in the UK.
    • An invaluable resource for researchers who study problems with a global impact.
    • Part of the PRACE initiative giving leading scientific users access to a European pool of supercomputers.



    More information on the various aspects of the HECToR Facility that were centred around supporting the Cray XE6 supercomputer.



    Historical information on how people could use HECToR. Software available on the system and how users went about getting access to the Facility.

    HECToR access...


    The HECToR user site as it was at service closure. This contains the bulk of information on HECToR: reports, documentation, policiies, 黑猫tomAPP破解版.

    HECToR User Site...

    HECToR Image Gallery

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